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Obesity is a form of micronutrient malnutrition usually without any visible signs or symptoms. Successful treatment requires continuous clinical nutritional support to address specialized nutrient needs.

ProThera® Bariatrics, a new nutritional management program from ProThera® Inc., provides healthcare professionals access to nutritional and technical resources to support the health and well-being of surgical and medical weight management patients. News

Bariatric-Specific Supplements
Easily absorbed, highly bioavailable nutrient forms that are gentle on the digestive system address common nutritional deficiencies and absorptive challenges encountered by patients.

  Technical Resources
Technical reference materials and
patient education tools make it easy for healthcare professionals to recommend
a supplementation program their patients will follow.

Get Started
Get started with ProThera® Bariatrics
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  ProThera®, Inc. operates a GMP 9000 Registered facility certified
by NSF® International.